Saturday, March 15, 2008


After a week of very nice springtime weather, It's probably going to snow. Actually, it did snow a little bit ago. And wouldn't you know that it was while Mr. Newman and The Boy were out trail riding! The Boy has been wanting to ride on the trail close to our house for a long time and I loathe trail riding, so we've never done it. Well, along comes Mr. Newman and he's been dying to go out there. So they pick today. My bike was in the shop getting some maintenance done (who knows you were suppose to do that! HA!) and while they were out there the weather starting turning for the worse. Mr. N said that they were pretty far out and it was coming down pretty good. But they had fun, and I'm sure that it was something that they won't forget. It's times like that you always remember. We've been on hundreds of desert trips and they all tend to blend together, but we'll always remember the time we went to Glamis and it POURED rain. They boys rode all weekend. The adults stayed in the trailer and did shots of tequila! Maggie was just a puppy and my friends let her camp out in their trailer, too...seeing as we couldn't stay in the tent. The last day we were there the sun finally came out and it was beautiful. I'll never forget that trip. All the trips are fun, but that one stands out. And that's how this ride today will be for my two guys. JT and I stayed home and made chocolate chip cookies. That was fun, too!
Tomorrow we're going to the movies. Mr. N and The Boy are going to see some teenage movie and JT and I are going to see the Spiderwich Chronicals. I'm seeing The Boy and Mr. N starting to bond a little bit more. I like that.

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