Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's been a whirlwind few days. Yesterday we had our site validation. We didn't get the official word if we'll be a DS, but they did say we were doing everything that we said we were. The said that our Intervention groups were incredible. I don't do Intervention, but it's something new that we do and so nice to have it validated. They also specifically addressed the ASP saying that they the program was impressive. They liked that we do homework help during the first hour. They thought it taught the kids good study habits. They also said that they were impressed with the enrichment activities that we, gardening, beading. It was HUGE for me, personally, that they addressed this specifically. After they left we all kind of sat around and re-capped the whole process. We were all abosolutely spent. One teacher said it was like a wedding. All this work and build-up for the Big Event and then utter extaustion after. But it's worth it. We have a great school and now the rest of CA will know, too! Amazing.
In other news, I've had a sick child in the house. JT woke up the night before last with a raging fever. 103. Yikes! I was up with him for three hours. Not good when you have a huge day at work the following day. But we rallied. I couldn't stay home with him, obviously, so The Boy stepped up and stayed home with him. He did a good job.....but the massive guilt trip he layed on me wasn't cool, or factual. He said that I never take care of him or give him medicine when he's sick! That I just tell him to suck it up and leave him alone! This is total bullshit. He may stay at home by himself now, but I definitly didn't leave him when he was 8! I was a work-at-home mom when he 8! Good lord. As for not medicating him when he had a fever? Well, that's just stupid. It's getting exhausting. He's contantly telling me that I do more for JT than I do for him. That he gets in more trouble then JT...and on and on and ON! I told him last night at I hear what he's saying and I'll try to do more for him one on one, but his accusations aren't 100% true. I know that perception is reality. I get that, I do. I also know that it's hard for him to share me when he's had me all to himself for the last 12 years. I'm trying to find the fine line here between giving him the love and attention he needs, as well as giving love and attention to an 8 year old boy that's never had a mom. This is going to be a whole lot of work, I guess. I'll just take it a day at a time. Give them both lots of hugs and love. Remind them that we've all wanted to be a part of a family our whole lives. Well, boys. Here it is. It's gonna be work, but I think it's worth it.
Now, if Mr. Newman would finish up his job out of town so I don't have to try to do this alone and over the phone!
Other than that. Things are good. JT is home one more day. I'm home taking care of him. Friday is our last day before break and I can not wait! Mr. Newman will be home on Friday and I'm looking forward to that more than break. He still doesn't know if he'll have to go back next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't. I'm starting to forget what it's like to him have him home. I don't like that.
We'll muddle through all this. Nothing that a lot of faith (and vodka!) can't cure. haha.

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