Monday, March 24, 2008


I haven't post here. Maybe because I tried to post that video and couldn't figure it out and ended up getting pissed off and saying FUCK IT! Portland has given me step by step instructions to do it, he's so wonderful, but I don't want to try it yet. Maybe later this week. My vacation seems to be slipping away and I'm sad about it. I don't want to go back to work...even though I saw a student today at Walmart and it made me miss the kids! But not the daily grind. I like having dinner ready at 5:30! I like sleeping until 7:30! Feel sorry for me, please! Things around here have been pretty good. Just the normal ups and downs of Teendome with The Boy. We had a pretty major incident yesterday (on EASTER!!) that left me in tears. Mr. Newman and Mom were pretty great about it and gave me some good advice. I'm lucky. If I were Newman, I would be RUNNING FOR THE HILLS! But he's hanging in there. He left again for Big Bear this week. Maybe not the whole week though. Sigh. Last night he told me that his mom and g-mom would be by to pick up the ring that his g-mom gave to him to give me as an engagement ring. It had/has a funky setting that really isn't "me" so he wanted to have it re-designed to what I wanted. It's been sitting for a couple months. I don't think that either of us are/were ready to "go there." Well, maybe he has other thoughts? They picked up the ring with what I wanted it look like. His mom called and said that it would be done in about 10 days. I don't know what N has in mind. Maybe he's gonna pop the question? It's inevitable. We've talked about tieing the knot before the end of the year. I mean...what the hell are we waiting for? We're not kids. I don't know. If he asks, I'll say yes. No doubts. He's wonderful. I just worry what other people will/would say because it's so soon. Why do I care so much about that??? Shit, he moved in after only three months! And that's very not like me at all. We'll see what happens. I know that I'm crazy about him, and he feels the same way.
Anyway...this week I'll be taking The Boy and his "Not-Girlfriend" ice skating. Then we're having a big slumber party here with one of JT's friends, The Cousin and his friend, and The Boy. I've offered to have one of his friends, but he states that he doesn't have any friends. Sigh. This coming from the child that says that the only place that he is happy is at school....with his friends.

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