Friday, March 7, 2008


TGIF! Seriously. I was up with the boy until about 10pm helping him study for his spelling test. It took awhile, but he finally got them all correct. Hopefully he'll do well and get anything but the F that has been typical of spelling tests this past month. In other good news, Mr. Newman will be coming home. He's been working out of town all week. I miss him when he's gone. He'll be leaving again next week, but at least we can live in domestic bliss for two days. Work will be hetic until the 11th. We have the Distinguished School committee coming to validate everything on our application. What a long, hard, and rewarding process this has been. I think we'll get it. It's amazing to be a part of this. Our school was one of the worst in our district with the worst reputation. That was five years ago. Look at us now! Only 20 points away from being an 800 school and one visit away from being Distinguished. So cool.

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