Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm so happy that we have two weeks off. We don't really have any plans. Mr. Newman thinks that he's going to have to go back to Big Bear next week. Damn. I wonder if he'll let me go with him for a few days. I'm sure there are some good antique shops that I can get lost in for a few days. We'll see.
Rumor has it that it's suppose to snow on Sunday. And today we'll be having 40mph Santa Ana winds. Lovely. I don't mind the snow, but I loathe the wind. It usually isn't that bad at my house, but out at work it howls. Makes for not-so-much-fun driving conditions.
I got The Boy's weekly monitor yesterday. He's seems to be pulling his head outta his ass in most classes. At this rate he may be able to squeak out a 3.0 by the end of the year. As of right now he's barely pulling a 2.5. He's lucky that the Honor Roll Field Trip that he's going on today is based on last semester's grades. He had to do a 3D cell model for Science. He did a jello cell with candy. It came out kinda cool. He got an A+. I still won't sign him up for football until he's doing better. Hopefully that is motivation enough for him. When I asked him why he let his grades tank in this first grading period he said that he was trying to be cool. I asked him how that was working out for him. His answer, "Not so well." I hope that he realizes that the "cool" kids will be the ones that took school seriously. I hope that this happens before he's 35.
Now I'm off to make him breakfast and see him off. Then it's waking up JT and griding out this last day.

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